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Supporting research as an integral part of enhancing higher education quality and relevance is one of the important roles of a community campus, like Koteshwor Multiple Campus. At present, Research Management Cell (RMC) of Koteshwor Multiple Campus(KMC), established in 2017 is performing the work of research , publication, and conducting workshops, seminars, and conferences on the issues of research methodology, pedagogy, academic writing . As per CMC decision aforementioned works have been assigned to the Research Management Cell.
RMC frequently conducts research activities to strengthen the potentiality of the faculties and students in teaching learning activities. Students are involved in different research activities such as paper writing, thesis, and term papers to widen the knowledge in the field of research. Further, the students link their research activities on studies through field visits with the aim to fulfill their partial requirement of their studies.
The students are encouraged in research oriented activities with the support of RMC and the campus also provides incentives to the faculties to conduct mini-research.
Research Management Cell of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has been established with the following objectives:

  • To inculcate culture of research and innovation among faculties and students in the campus by strengthening research and related activities;
  • To conduct monthly interdisciplinary workshops on assorted issues;
  • To organize conference, seminars , and workshops on research methodology, academic writing;
  • To seek assistance from University Grants Commission (UGC) for conducting research on different issues including policy and procedures, curriculum, infrastructure, campus-community relations, among others 
  • To contribute in strengthening the linkage between teaching-learning and research innovation and development thereby improving overall quality and relevance of higher education at KMC;
  • To support paradigm shift from conventional theory-based teaching to emerging research and application-based teaching-learning process; 
  • To contribute to enhancement of competitive research capabilities of faculties by applying for faculty grant research and mini research at University Grants Commission;
  • To promote industry sponsored research and innovation;

Composition of Research Management Cell (RMC)


Mr. Sedunath Dhakal


Dhiraj Bhudhathoki
Nandi Keshar Nepal
Sabitri Dhakal
Shyam Prasad Bhattarai

Available Facilities in Research Management Cell

  • Internet
  • Faculty pooling experience
  • Separate Unit
  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Faculty
  • Researcher pursuing with Ph.D.
  • Publications

Completed Research Activities

  • Published first and second volume of KMC Research Journal both in Nepali and English
  • Conduct seminar on research methodology, pedagogy, and other related subject yearly since 2017.
  • Conduct monthly interdisciplinary workshop on different subject matter from its establishment.
  • Conduct thesis and project work orientation for M.B.S. and B.B.S. student every year.
  • Guide the teachers and students to write the thesis and project report as per their need.
  • Conduct VIVA for the students who completed thesis and project report.
  • Many more activities related with research.

Ongoing Research Activities

  • Publications of KMC Research Journal third volume
  • Benchmark wise Research under QAA:
  1. Policy and Procedure
  2. Curricular Aspects
  3. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation System
  4. Research, Consultancy and Extension
  5. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  6. Student Support and Guidance
  7. Information System
  8. Public Information
  9. Infrastructure
  10. Library
  11. Curriculum

Upcoming Research Activities

  • Workshop on Conducting Mini Research and Faculty Research :Process and Practices
  • Workshop on Process of Composing Academic Journal Article and Research Paper
  • Mini Research Proposal is Call for Faculty of Koteshwor Multiple Campus.

List of Important Achievements of RMC

  • KMC Journal published since 2017 annually
  • Strengthen the research capability of faculties and students through different research methodology workshops
  • Students and faculties benefitted by monthly inter-disciplinary workshops
  • Students are involved in different research activities such as paper writing, thesis, and term papers to widen the knowledge in the field of research.
  • Further, the students link their research activities on studies through field visits with the aim to fulfill their partial requirement of their studies.

Budget Allocation and Disbursement for RMC

Budget Allocation & Disbursement
for Research Management Cell (RMC)



Amount (Rs.)


Allocated Budget




Disbursement of Budget



Mini Research



(Ten Mini Research @Rs. 40,000.00 each)



Research Workshop & Seminar (One Day and Two Day)




Research Journal




Meeting Expenses




Viva Expenses



(Payment of Thesis Supervisor, External Expert, Presentation, etc..)



Capital Expenditure




Misc. Expenditure






Impact Analysis of combining research with teaching

Research Management Cell identifies the complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of issues confronting society, the campus is committed to supporting research activities within the campus. It is important that teaching learning without research is incomplete in the higher education institutions. In line with this approach, the Campus has established a center for research activities within the campus. Research Management Cell has become a Centre under the campus Research Center. Many of faculties members receive research funding from the cell and upon completion of the research, findings are published in the journal, the journal published by the different faculty. Besides, the cell is also responsible for undertaking competitive research and research training at the faculty. The cell invests its resources in areas of potential strength, significant to the faculty’s mission. Such areas provide particular depth of academic and research capability to offer quality research training opportunities to faculty members and students. For that purpose, the cell frequently conducts seminars/ workshops for the faculty members and students. The cell operates from a separate well-furnished office and a seminar hall in all faculties of campus. The cell possesses an office with desktop computers and laptops, and a printer (multi-functional) and a mini library for faculty and students to consult on their research based activities. This cell has been established as a center to serve the faculty members and students to enhance their academic and research capabilities and to provide resources for conducting research activities. In addition, the cell co-ordinates, supervises and evaluates research activities of the faculty members and students. It is equally important for the researchers (Faculty and students) that the findings of their research should be disseminated more widely to the public in order to bring changes in the society. The cell undertakes the responsibility of publishing journal regularly incorporating the research papers produced through research projects conducted by research grantees in collaboration with the cell. The Research Management Cell (RMC) has been established to oversee the research activities of the faculties and students, drive the faculty’s research agenda and implementation plan, foster a research culture including the development of a research strategy to increase the organization’s research skills and, importantly to review and monitor internal and external research proposals and applications. The RMC aims to ensure that all research and evaluation proposals/ applications are aligned to the Campus’s Plans and in accordance with legislative requirements of the Campus. The RMC provides a ‘first point of approval’ for all research proposals ensuring there is appropriate engagement of faculties and students, identifying any ethical considerations as well as potential impacts or implications resulting from the proposed research. It is intended that the RMC is guided by the campus administration set out by Campus, relevant legislation, policies and codes and, that it undertakes initial ethics review prior to any formal ethics processes via Campus or other endorsed body i.e. Research Ethics Committee.

Impact of Research Management Cell (RMC) of Koteshwor Multiple Campus

Koteshwor Multiple Campus has formed a Research Management Cell to facilitate the research activities especially in the different dimensions related to the teaching learning activities on behalf of teachers, students and other stakeholders encouraging them to engage in the research activities. The Research Management Cell of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has positive impacts in the different dimensions of the society. The impact of RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus can be discussed on the basis of the following dimensions:

Political Impact of Research Management Cell of KMC

It is said that a human being is a political animal and the political activities are conducted through the society. The campus is also a part of the society and it becomes the responsibility of campus to promote the political awareness and to produce the manpower having a good political culture to pace the society towards establishing good governance, rule of law, good civil society and institutionalizing the democratic culture in the society. Different research activities conducted through RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has contributed to strengthen the political awareness and produce the citizen full of political consciousness. As a result of the formation of RMC in Campus, many students were found to have been leading the society towards the right path and the teachers are also working as a leading personality in the nation. KMC through RMC is publishing the different research articles that could be contributing to the society in many ways. Not only is that, Students of KMC engaging in the different social activities with the sense of humanity and brotherhood. The social activism part of KMC is seen to be the strongest point due to the formation of RMC in Koteshwor Multiple Campus.

Economic Impact of Research Management Cell of KMC

The RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has also contributed even in the different economic sectors like business, commerce, Government institution, and Private and Public economic sectors, NGOs, INGOs, finance and many more. These positive impacts are as follows:

  • The Research Management Cell of KMC has been publishing the research journal and is supporting financially to the teachers and students as well for the publication.
  • It has contributed for both teachers and students to build confident on research activities that has supported in the promotion of economic status of teachers and students.
  • The research done by both teachers and students are being demanded by the related institutions which have supported to promote the economic condition of teachers and students.
  • Teachers who engage in the research activity have become the professional researchers which have obviously supported their economic part.
  • Both teachers and students have got extra responsibility for the act of research in other academic institutions as well.
  • Teachers are being demanded in other institution as a trainer for conducting the research activity and getting the financial support.
  • Teachers are participating in different national and international research based conferences and seminars.
  • Researcher students have got the employment in different types of financial institutions.
  • Different NGOs and INGOs have demanded for the preparation of research proposal from the teachers and students of this campus.

Socio-Cultural Impact of Research Management Cell of KMC

The Research Management Cell of KMC has also contributed in the socio economic sector of the society in a positive way. The impact can be analyzed in the following way:

  • Research Management Cell has raised the socio-cultural issues through the medium of research and has contributed towards the construction of progressive society.
  • RMC has left the positive impact on the society for institutionalizing the social harmony among different castes, religions, cultures, ethnicity, languages, and so on.
  • The Research has raised the social issues like social awareness, corruption, social ethics, values and norms in the socio cultural scenario.
  • Different types of socio cultural perspectives have been delivered through the Research Management Cell of KMC.
  • RMC has contributed in the establishment of fair competitive environment in the society.
  • RMC has supported to bring the disadvantaged, marginalized and minorities into the mainstream of the society through the research activities.
  • The issue of Social Equality and Equity has been strongly raised by the Research Management Cell of KMC.
  • RMC has contributed to play the role of social activist and watchdog in socio cultural sector through the research activities.

Academic/Educational Impact of RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus

RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has vigorously supported for promoting the educational and other academic status of the whole campus through the different research activities based on the academic and educational issue. RMC has contributed for the establishment of academic/educational quality in comparison to other academic/educational intuitions. The impact has been reported as below:

  • The academic/educational result held by TU has been taken as the considerable quality in comparison to other related institutions.
  • RMC has strongly supported for the academic /educational quality maintenance of the campus.
  • Teachers have enhanced their professional career through RMC.
  • RMC has become the source of different types of innovative teaching learning strategies to be implemented in teaching learning activities.
  • RMC has introduced the different types of teaching methods, techniques and materials supportive to the teachers and students as well.
  • Teachers and students are holding the leading role in other academic institutions as the result of the research activities conducted through RMC.
  • Teachers have started teaching in fully student friendly environment in the classroom.
  • RMC has contributed to build the good rapport on the different educational issues between teachers and students.
  • Teachers have engaged in the different academic research contributing to the overall educational status of the campus.
  • Students have enhanced their educational status through the research activities via RMC.
  • Research based academic conference/seminar has dropped out the positive impacts on both teachers and students as well.


The Research Management Cell of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has been proved as the contributing cell in the different dimensions to uplift the overall quality enhancement of the campus. RMC has left the positive impacts on the different political, socio-cultural, economic, academic/educational sectors and has been established as the main institutional cell in the campus conducting the different types of research activities raising the interdisciplinary issues in the different sectors. RMC has not only been limited to a single issue rather has become the best platform for both teachers and students to enhance their professional and economic status as well. RMC has served as the guideline to solve any complexities that might occur in course of teaching learning activities.

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