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Tribhuvan University has launched four-year bachelor’s course in BA from the academic year 2076/077 under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

It is the inter-disciplinary subjects where students can study Compulsory English, Compulsory Nepali, Nepal Studies, Sociology, Economics, Culture, Rural Development, Social Work, Mass Communication and Population Studies within the same stream.

The four-year course is of 2,000 marks (500 marks each year) and students can choose two subjects of 700 marks each as their majors and two subjects of 100 marks each as elective subjects.

There will be three compulsory subjects — English, Nepali and Nepal Studies. English will be of 200 marks, Nepali 100 marks and Nepal Studies 100 marks. English has been made compulsory in the first and third years, while Nepali will be compulsory in the second year and Nepal studies will be compulsory in the third year.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of written examinations of 70 marks, while 30 marks will be for internal assessment, including mini project, classroom presentation and teamwork for each subject.



Available Subjects in KMC

First Year

Subjects Subject Code
 Compulsory English 401


Second Year

Subjects Subject Code
 Compulsory Nepali 402


Third Year

Subjects Subject Code
 Compulsory English 403



Fourth Year

Subjects Subject Code
 Compulsory Nepal Studies  


Specialization (Anyone from each group carry 200 marks- two paper in each year)

Group A

Subjects Subject Code
 Rural Development  RDS 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427
 Mass Communication JMC 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427
Economics ECO 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427


Group B

Subjects Subject Code
  Engish  Eng 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427
  Nepali NEP 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427
 Sociology SOC 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427
Social Work SW 421/422, 423/424, 425/410, 426/427 


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