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Research Management Cell (RMC)
Koteshwor Multiple Campus
Jadibuti, Kathmandu-32

Research is an integral part of academic development. Supporting on research activities is one of the most important priorities of community campuses, like Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC). Research Management Cell (RMC) of Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) was established in 2016. It has been conducting different types of research, and organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences on various issues of research methodology, pedagogy, and academic writing, and publishing its research finding in its Journals.

RMC of Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) frequently conducts research activities to strengthen the potentiality of faculties and students in teaching learning activities. Students are involved in different research activities such as report writing, thesis, and term papers to increase the horizon of their knowledge. Further, students connect their research activities with socio-economic development through field visits and field works.

RMC provides incentives to the faculties to conduct mini-research and collaborative research every year. Students from the concerned departments also are included in both of these researches. RMC supports students to prepare reports and thesis as they require in bachelors and masters level.

Objectives of RMC

Research Management Cell (RMC) of Koteshwor Multiple Campus has been established:

  • To develop the culture of research and innovation among faculties and students in the campus by strengthening research and related activities;
  • To conduct monthly interdisciplinary workshops on relevant issues;
  • To organize conference, seminars , and workshops on research methodology, academic writing and other relevant issues;
  • To seek assistance from University Grants Commission (UGC) and other national and international institutions for conducting research on different issues including policy and procedures, curriculum, infrastructure, campus- community  relations, among others;
  • To contribute in strengthening the linkage between teaching-learning and research innovation and development thereby improving overall quality and relevance of higher education at KMC;
  • To bring the changes from conventional theory-based teaching to emerging research and application-based teaching-learning process;
  • To encourage and support the faculties of KMC to initiate the research activities by applying for faculty grant research and mini research at University Grants Commission, and other institutions;
  • To promote industry sponsored research and innovation;
  • To collaborate with different governmental and non-governmental agencies to conduct different research activities to contribute on the socio-economic development of the community and the nation.

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