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       सामुदायिक क्याम्पसको महत्व र भुमिका राज्यले बुझेन । गोविन्द बहादुर कार्की, महासचिव        भब्यताका साथ सम्पन्न भयो कोटेश्वर बहुमुखी क्याम्पसको ३४ औ बार्षिकोत्सव        नेवि संघ कोटेश्वर बहुमुखी क्याम्पसले तेस्रो ओपन कलेज नकआउट फुटसल टुर्नामेन्टको आयोजना गर्ने |

Dear all,

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to highlight that Koteshwor Multiple Campus (KMC) has become the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) institution certified by the University Grants Comm

ission, Nepal (UGC- Nepal). The certificate award ceremony was held in conference hall of the UGC-Nepal on August 15, 2023. As campus has been successful to receive this prestigious certificate, it has ensured the sustainable management and development of academic and administrative wings of our campus and has accelerated its excellence by assessing its performance.
Along with its accreditation, we have responsibilities to gear up the requirements that the campus has met for QAA certification, such as statutory requirements, professional obligations, stakeholders' expectations, internal and external confidence and accountability for development. Regarding these issues, campus is committed to sustain and enhance the quality by similar supports from its stakeholders which were reflected in unprecedented way from its inception to quality assurance.
KMC strives to develop its academic programs to demonstrate a unique blend of needs expressed by the community and futuristic orientation. For this, our faculty, staff and students are committed to working towards accomplishing the vision and mission of campus through their engagement in research and learning. Likewise, our focus is to promote change- seeking participatory pedagogies that enable faculty and students to reflect, critique, and envision their praxis as educational change agents.
As a campus chief of the accredited campus, I am delighted to have you in our vibrant community. Our campus is a place where students are encouraged to explore their passions, expand their horizons, and create lasting memories. We promise to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and holistic development by rendering quality education with a team of management and dedicated, committed, experienced, expert faculties and staff.. 
A new milestone has been added in the history of Koteshwor Multiple Campus on August 15, 2023, when the campus was accredited by fulfilling all the criteria of quality assurance. As th campus chief of KMC,  I am very thankful to all my predecessors, stakeholders (campus assembly, campus management committee, different committees, faculty, staff, students, guardians, local community etc.) for their contribution to the campus. 
Thank You


Govinda Bahadur Karki

Campus Chief

 Koteshwor Multiple Campus

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